Here’s how I originally tracked some events, and now I’m translating it into English. This process is very rough, so there are some obvious translation errors, just a look.
You can get a general idea of our origins and our attitudes towards some of these events. If you want to know more about it, or point out some mistakes in history, please feel free to leave a message in the post.

Originating in Buddhism, Tulpa was later discovered by Alexandra David Neel and only became popular abroad in the late 1990s and 2000s.

·The domain name was established on December 18, 1997.
·In 2009, 4chan’s/x/section (supernatural power) appeared to be discussed by anonymous users who tried to create their own Tulpa, for fun or in earnest.

(At some point, /x/ set up an IRC channel specifically for Tulpa.)
·With the release of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on oct 10, 2010, Tulpa gained popularity through the Pony fan community.
·On June 11, 2011, Creepypasta published a novel about the Tulpa. Author unknown.

After the/MLP/Pony were established, a small group of users who had previously discussed Tulpa migrated to/MLP /, including FAQ_Man and Irish_. One of the lucid dream posts was converted into Tulpa posts.

/jp/ (otaku culture) Tulpa also has discussions and is very popular.
·On March 14, 2012, the first post dedicated to Tulpa was set up by user a-jay. It remained in place until early may.

On April 17, post sponsor pleeb established At the time of writing (2012.7.05) Tulpa had 515 registered users and was growing daily.

The scp-1447 (phantom/Tulpa) entry was created on July 28 at the SCP foundation.

The film Tulpa premieres at London’s FrightFest on aug 25.
·The film Tulpa was released in Italy on June 20, 2013.

·2On March 6, 2013, Tulpa tieba was established.

On July 27, the country’s first Q group with the word Tulpa was established. This group was disbanded/or externally shielded between about 17 and 18 years.

·In 2014, a Tulpa translation of Creepypasta appeared in the Inland. No major response.
·On March 02, 2015, the famous uploader of Bilibili released the game video: tulpa, the guardian spirit, played up to 114,000, but failed to attract enough attention.

On August 3rd FearBird published “the ultimate theory of urban legend: TULPA”, the first chapter of the runaway fantasy.

On August 04, tulpa posted the first post (unless the previous post was deleted), showing the need for others to practice.

On August 06, another post was published to the effect that:”Why are there so few people here? Goodman3 says I don’t know. On the same day, the first tulpa discussion Q group was established in China.

At 22:00 on August 06, Goodman3 made a public announcement to the audience of the movie of the same name.

On August 8, the country’s first tutorial translation was published, called the tulpa encyclopedia Kiahdaj. On the same day, the recruitment of translators began.

The first communication between the domestic dream group and the tulpa group was made on August 20. The concept of a dream spirit was first mentioned.
·In 2016, the active period began, with the boundary around October.

June 12, Tulpa Tieba posted the first drawing diary. Author: XiaoLingzi Jing。

(In July, the qingming dream circle mengling became popular, but the content of the article did not mention t.)

On August 23, bilibili uploader published a video about tulpa, mark is an urban legend. This video may be the reason why the Tieba became active.

Tieba the number of followers on August 23 has not passed 200.

The number reached 200 on the 24th.

(I came into contact with tulpa around September 10.)

On October 11, the number of followers reached 233. There were far more posts in October than ever before.

On November 06, the number of followers reached 255.

In December, there was a post linking Tulpa to the Japanese god of type。

On December 16, the number of posts exceeded 1000.People say from space. Snake attack begins.

On December 18, Goodman3 issued a public notice about the Snake case, saying that the publicity had attracted too many irrelevant people and had caused harassment to the insider. Resort to hedging strategies: Tulpa circles never publicize or intend to convince others of Tulpa’s existence.

On December 21, Tulpa baidu encyclopedia was officially adopted.

On December 23, someone posted a joke about the c situation in the group (the two exchanged their own tulpa.)
·In January 2017, occult content began to frequently enter Tulpa Tieba. (in the same year, the dream circle began promoting t, the exact month is not clear)

On February 11, good guy 3 posted that he was worried that the mystics content would mislead the novice, hoping to add labels to the discussion. (in fact, no one seems to have done it since.)

(Between march and April, a member followed the FearBird’s article and started Posting it in a specific Tieba: three-body Tieba, etc. Deliberately publicize tulpa, and then left the group)

(Observe the blind area)

On October 5th, the number of followers in Tieba finally broke 1000.

The translation relay opened on oct 17 and finished just over a third as of March 1, 2018.

On October 19th the country’s first organisation (college students, for papers) announced a study of tulpa, which disappeared after taking samples from groups. As of today, the contact still did not respond, suspected missing.
·Foreign Youtobe upload video titled What it’s actually like to hear voices in your head on feb 21, 2018.

On February 23, 18:49 (the account of Bilibili was published at 22:10 on the official microblog), the famous domestic media global times published the video, which was later reprinted by the peers, causing a chain reaction and attracting wide attention. Video had a total of 710,000 plays as of February 28. (10, 000 playback at b station)

Until March 23, the unknown publicity attracted about 10 curious viewers。

On March 23, a member, dissatisfied with being moved out of the group, retaliated by spreading the tulpa group in his circle, attracting a large number of mysterious people. The harassment continued until a few days before April 29.

The site (tulpa. Cn) was established on April 5.

On July 04, was required to file.

The fundraising for Tulpa_Game_Project members began on August 16 – the program sponsor left on September 10.

Original text:


·2009年,4chan的/ x /板块(超自然力量)出现相关讨论,发帖者均是匿名用户,他们尝试创造自己的Tulpa,出于戏谑或认真。

·2010年10月10日,随着My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic的上映,Tulpa通过小马粉丝社群获得普及。


/jp/ (宅男文化)Tulpa也有相关讨论,并且很受欢迎。






·2015年3月02日,B站著名up主谜之声发布游戏实况:守护之灵 tulpa,播放数高达11.4万,可同样没有引起足够重视。

8月03日,恐惧鸟发表「都市传说的终极理论:TULPA」第一章 脱缰的幻想。

























·2018年2月21日,国外某油管上传名为What it’s actually like to hear voices in your head的视频。